Our New Minister Committee is comprised of Andy Dimock, Karen Chilton, Marilyn Chamberlin and Danielle Chamberlin.  They have been tirelessly working with Disciples of Christ to find wonderful prospects for our preacher position.  We all greatly appreciate all the time, effort and energy they have put into this complicated process.  Thank you from the entire congregation!

Disciples of Christ has submitted a list of potential preachers and the committee has researched each candidate to see if they would be a good fit for our church.  It is a daunting task to find candidates that will fit, not only our church, and the wonderful family feel we have, but also a somewhat part time position instead of full time since our operating budget will not allow very large salaries.  This is limiting our options, but the committee has three prospects, all of which will preach during the month of February.  The committee will welcome feedback of each minister from the congregation so they can get a feel as to how that candidate fits within our church family. 

The candidates are Norman Jean Alexander and Dave Hargrove. 
Norman Jean Alexander currently lives in Amarillo, Texas and attended Brite Divinity at Texas Christian University along with East Texas State University. Dave Hargrove currently lives in Arlington, Texas and attended Texas Christian University and the Houston Graduate School of Theology. 

Ray Owens has been guest preaching for our church for the past 4 weeks.  Ray will continue to preach at our church in February and March on the Sundays other candidates are not preaching. 

Finding the right match between a church and minister is not as easy task.  It is a detailed process especially in a church of our size.  We all take this journey together to better our church, grow our faith and lay the foundation for future church generations. 

Gracious God, We now have a better appreciation for the phrase
“a match made in heaven”! Grant us wisdom to make the best possible pastoral match for our congregation.  We know you will lead us in the right direction.  Amen.


Secretary, Kimberly Tisserand

Treasurer, Mike Rippy

​Pianist, Gloria Kautz

Sunday School Teacher, Danielle Chamberlin

First Christian Church of Weston